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Yellow Fire Rescue Helmet with Goggles

Yellow Fire Rescue Helmet with Goggles

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  • Material: High temperature resistance voltage composite material
  • Shell: Polyurethane punch
  • Adjustable range: 52-64mm
  • Chin strap is made of aluminum foil coating materials which is water proof, flame resistant lining.
  • Balanced 4point nylon crown straps
  • 6-point chinstrap with quick-release buckle
  • Leather ratchet cover
  • Standard:GA44, EN443
  • Goggles: Lens Material, imported polycarbonate material Frame material, fire proof PVC material Lens coating, supravision HC-AF, inner side resist flog, outer side resist scratch Style :safety goggle Lens thickness:1 mm Lens anti-impact performance:1 20 m/ sec voltage, 500v

Adjust the helmet size: There is a vent hole on the top of the helmet to ensure good ventilation. The head circumference is adjustable. The lining knob is convenient to adjust the helmet size. The strap can be adjusted freely within the range of 53cm-63cm to adapt to different head sizes.

High-quality materials: This helmet is a high-quality polyamide fiber shell. The helmet has been tested for heat resistance, shock absorption and flame resistance. The top of the helmet is double-protected and has obvious traces of reflection.

Various functions: The safety helmet can prevent jump, impact, wear, and firmness, prevent heat radiation and light radiation, can effectively prevent harmful liquids from splashing out, and is equipped with headlights and goggles to improve safety during emergency rescue.

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